FOR THE ONES is a brand created in efforts to normalize and promote mental health conversations through clothing that draws people in. A majority of all sales proceeds are donated to mental health initiatives across Canada!

FOR THE ONES is a movement I am proud to support and want to be part of. It hits home personally for a lot of the people I know. Let's erase the stigma and encourage people to talk about mental health without fear of shame or judgement!

Mental health should be something we talk about everyday. FOR THE ONES opens up that conversation everytime someone asks about the brand. It feels good to be reminded that other people are fighting mental health stigma alongside me, and sometimes we all need the reminder to keep going.

Mental health is finally getting the recognition it deserves. For someone who has lost a loved one to suicide I wish I could have given the encouragement he needed before he left us. #Fortheones

Purchase to Donate

Clothing means more when it sparks a conversation and it changes communities when it raises money for mental health awareness! Join the FOR THE ONES and with every sale we donate a majority portion to the Canadian Mental Health Association!


Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, there may be some delays in shipping. Some products may ship separately than the rest of your order. DUTY FEES may apply, we are working our best to find local product that’s great quality to avoid international shipping fees.  We graciously thank our customers for their patience and understanding as we try and help to support everyone in staying safe. 

What Else You Can Do

Once you’ve received your FOR THE ONES MERCH we encourage you to take a picture wearing it and post it on your socials, we would even love if you shared your story, and tag us @_fortheones on Instagram and use #fortheones